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Abelow PR is one of the top public relations firms in NYC providing powerful public relations agency services with the media and influencer contacts to catapult your brand.

Multifaceted public relations for a company is crucial to building brand awareness and loyalty, and you can count on us to deliver and bring you to the forefront of any given market. 

Our forte is finding the hook that is going to tell a compelling story and capture the attention of your target audience. Abelow PR understands the key to success is first taking a deep dive into what sets you apart from your competition to create angles that will spark the ears of editors and result in a high impact campaign. This creativity has been acquired over decades of experience as one of the most dependable and prolific public relation firms in NYC. 

You need high-caliber exposure, and that’s what we deliver as a dedicated luxury PR agency in NYC. In today’s technologically advanced world, often marketing and public relations firms have lost their personal touch, but we do it differently and seek to change that with our boutique public relations agency services. 

A Boutique Approach
Working With Emerging and Established Brands

We enable luxury travel and hotel brands to drive demand and interest from the burgeoning affluent market. Through years of experience developing a keen sense of how public relations for a company works best, luxury brands have entrusted in us to deliver time after time robust campaigns.

We have had the privilege to work with gold-standard brands such as like Virgin Atlantic, Hilton International, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, and American Express.

We are one of the few authentically close-knit, boutique, and travel public relations firms in NYC. We are proud to deliver personalized attention. You will quickly see bottom line results. Our focus is supporting luxury lifestyle, hotels, and travel brands to harness their voice in this competitive market and lead the conversation to build customer relationships and brand recognition.

Our senior and savvy pros are a nimble team that turn on a dime. Professionalism and perseverance are the key to success at marketing and public relations firms, and we have it in our bones.

Lorraine Abelow began defining what prime public relations for a company is over 30 years ago, and since then has built on her experience of public relations agency services steadily. Lorraine is at the helm and involved every step of the way.

Always just a phone call away, Lorraine prides herself on establishing a strong client relationship as her close connections with the media require a quick turn around on inquiries that they entrust in her to deliver. Given all the public relations firms in NYC, no one better than Lorraine captures the trustworthiness and quality of profound knowledge of what it means to be a true luxury PR agency in NYC.

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