With over three decades of experience in the hospitality sector, our travel PR firm eagerly awaits the New York Times’ annual list of the top destinations to visit each year. Our agency has had great success securing placements on the list in previous years with clients, Esencia Estate included in the Yucatan Peninsula section in 2013 and Casa Bonita Tropical Lodge included in the Barahona, Dominican Republic section in 2014.

Beyond revealing top emerging destinations, the list offers tremendous value in establishing patterns related to new and shifting trends in travelers’ interests. Sure to be of use in pitching our clients to the press over the coming year, here are the top trends we’ve identified based on the New York Times, “52 Places to go in 2015:”

  1. Cultured Travel to Central and South America – With destinations including Cuba, Elqui Valley, Chile, Medellin, Colombia and Patagonia highlighted on the list, it is clear that the growing interest the travel industry has experienced in Central and South America is slowing no signs of slowing down. Beyond offering incredible natural wonders, these emerging hotspots allow tourists to experience the cultural value that Latin America offers beyond the natural delights. Stunning architecture, centuries old history, booming art scenes and distinct culturally rooted boutique hotels are encouraging an influx of travelers from North America.


  1. Diverse Nature Experiences Hold Value – From stargazing in Northern Chile to exploring the undeveloped coastline of Cuba and scuba diving and snorkeling in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, there was no shortage of natural thrills highlighted among the list’s destinations. Year after year, Latin America and the Caribbean continue to lead the way in new adventure and ecotourism offerings.


  1. Unexplored Europe Has Major Draw – From the North Atlantic’s foodie-friendly Faroe Islands to Macedonia and Alentejo, Portugal, Europe’s astounding offering of destinations of cultural and natural beauty is expanding year after year. Interest is moving away from the major European meccas (think Paris, Florence, London, etc), in favor of a different and generally more unexplored destination experience. Pristine waters, the worlds most innovative cuisine, unexplored history and distinct European cultures will bring a whole slew of new hotspots to the forefront in the coming year.

What is driving your interest as you look to uncover new destinations to add to your 2015 bucket list?