Over the past 30 years, I have traversed the Caribbean from Aruba to the Bahamas and back, visiting prospects, hosting press groups and going to conferences. As head of one of the top NYC travel PR agencies and media placement specialists I can tell you something for sure: every island has its completely distinct personality.

Here’s my top five picks in terms of diversity and promotability, but if your favorite island or the one where your property is located, isn’t here, don’t be dismayed – there are gems hidden everywhere, and we’re happy to publicize them for you.

1. Dominican Republic – As we currently represent three properties on this island, one of the largest in the entire Caribbean, the DR ranks as one of my favorites. At the northeastern tip is Samaná, a peninsula with exquisite beaches and equally splendid privacy. At the southwestern end is Baharona, with mountains rising majestically before the beach making for stunning sunsets.

2. British Virgin Islands – Apart from our former client, Necker Island, playland for Richard Branson and for those other lucky souls who venture onto this rock outcropping, the island of Tortola features lovely guesthouses and small boutique hotels. The snorkeling can’t be beat.

3. Aruba – If sun and white sand is what you are seeking, this desert-like island with mile-wide beaches offers unparalleled sunning space. But don’t take your teenage son – the Swedish ladies bathing sans suit will blind him. There’s also gambling, and it’s among the cleanest island ever.

4. St Vincent and the Grenadines – We represented this country/group of islands, and I took my family for a splendid sailing trip throughout the tiny islands that dot this archipegelo. Bequai is host to many a sailing regatta, and if the aqua blue waters speak to you the way the do to me, the Grenadines don’t disappoint. If budget allows, stay at Petit St. Vincent, but there are many more affordable places to stay of pure and unadulterated barefoot luxury.

5. Paradise Island, The Bahamas – If a quick Yoga getaway is your idea of a good time, head to the Sivinanda Yoga retreat, where meditation and asanas along with service and satasang will form the activities of your day. Its been upgraded since I was there decades ago, and looks fabulous. Make sure to stay on your strip of beach and not get lured up to Club Med, a half mile up the sea’s edge – it’s another reality entirely.