Although people go on vacation to get away from the stresses of ever day life, the health-conscious traveler does not want to abandon his or her routine. As the health and wellness segment of travel has continued to grow over the past few years, hotels must strive to appeal to the guest who puts priority on maintaining a healthy lifestyle – and get the word out about it in the media.

Travel PR firms recommend promoting your offerings by tapping into the vibrant and effective social media communities to gain exposure. Working out and eating nutritiously has become more than a way of life at home, it’s a trend that hotels have been responding to since guests want to continue it when they are away. Extend this dialogue by promoting it through the various social media channels.

Use these tips to draw attention to your hotel so potential guests are aware of what you have to offer.

Top Facilities

The foundation for attracting people to your property who value living a healthy lifestyle is displaying your top-quality facilities. To your guests given their current expectations, your gym should be more than just a room with cardio machines and extensive weights. Develop a space where people can focus on their fitness, get personal training, and take yoga classes while enjoying a pleasurable view. Highlight in your social media posts the fresh atmosphere you’ve created in your gym and spa.

Captivating images of your facilities are an absolute must for your social media pages. Utilizing strategic hashtags, such as #lift or #gymtime, is key. PR firms can also win you coverage in a variety of popular online and print magazines that cover fitness, yoga, spa treatments, and travel. This can be promoted through Twitter, magnifying the reach.

Nature as Your Gym

If you are managing a resort, take advantage of your hotel’s natural surroundings by impressing people with images on Instagram,  — of guided nature hikes, inviting yoga platforms, and picturesque swimming pools. If your property is on a stunning beach, challenge your personal trainers to create workout routines that embrace the surroundings. If it’s in a busy city, offer a respite from the chaotic outside world in a serene and calming space to practice yoga and meditation.

Post visuals of what’s happening on social media platforms at least three times a week. Abelow PR also suggests creating impactful videos of your trainers explaining and demonstrating their favorite workout routines. Embrace your Facebook community by posting daily, monitoring comments, and responding promptly. This is a wonderful way to connect with people online and show your staff’s skills. It also maintains connections with past guests and will lure them back to visit your hotel again and again. Plus you get the added benefit of their friends with whom they share your posts.

Integrate hashtags into your Instagram captions to reach the fitness market. Hashtags like #balance or #yogapose are winners for yoga posts and try using #fitspiration or #getfit when promoting workout posts.

You Are What You Eat — #HealthyEating!

Travelers are looking for hotels that offer healthy as well as delicious food restaurants. Once you’ve constructed vibrant meal options for your menu, social media posts are pivotal. Instagram is the top platform for enticing foodies. This category is extremely influenced by what they see online, and often make decisions of where to stay based on the menu offerings.

Use Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to lure this clientele with photos of beautiful dishes and organic regional ingredients, as well as videos of your chef preparing menu items. Hashtags on Instagram, such as #eatclean or #healthyeating, are key to reaching this audience.

Your hotel may have superior health and wellness options and with exposure you can extend your audience. Make sure to highlight what’s different about your property to potential visitors online. Showing that you offer complete and revitalizing packages for healthy living will attract business from future enthusiasts of all kinds.