Affluent buyers are a unique breed.  These consumers, which are part of an exponentially growing market on a global scale, are generally insulated from the vagaries of global economic fluctuations.  The luxury travel market will be strong for brands that analyze digital metrics when creating their marketing strategy. Consumer spending is on the rise – but what method will be most effective for travel and hospitality brands that seek to capture a larger market share? A boutique travel PR firm that knows the hotel industry can effectively connect with affluent travelers who want a more unusual experience through well orchestrated media relations and social media campaigns.

What forces drive these consumers to splurge on one travel purchase over another? That requires an understanding of the emotional forces that drive this market to select one destination over another. Those brands that are successful are taking a fresh approach when developing a strategy to inspire this group of travelers.

Luxury Travel: Online Media is the New Frontier

The powerful online travel media outlets and blogs are the new frontier. These represent authority in the minds of the readers, and carry tremendous sway with the affluent audience. This is particularly true when Whether well-to-do consumers are planning a travel experience, or hoping to be one of the first to purchase an exclusive product, online searches provide real-time data that can be mined to create an effective digital marketing strategy for the various buyer types. Often what comes up first in a search are articles in the highly valued media like Travel and Leisure and Conde Nast Traveler.  These outlets

Digital marketing agencies that focus on buyer “DNA” assist luxury brands to pivot from traditional marketing approaches to unleash sales in luxury travel and gain access to a larger percentage of the affluent traveler segment.

Older marketing strategies are far too broad in concept to connect with the growing luxury travel consumer. Successful brands are addressing the fact that younger buyers – those elusive Millennials – tend to be focused on social responsibility, with purchasing patterns that are determined by far more than the just a capacity to buy. This market segment is huge, now surpassing Baby Boomers as the largest living generation – and they spend on travel. This is why hotels and destinations that include ways for guests to interact with the community and “give back,” is a going trend.

The Psyche of the Luxury Traveler

A deeper understanding of this segment requires data about the psyche of the luxury travel buyer, and the factors that will motivate a purchase. For the affluent, travel options must convey a sense of status and exclusivity. A potential guest, when staying in a luxury hotel or resort depends on a higher level of security – a genuine concern – as well as comforts and services above and beyond the ordinary.

Research reveals that two different buyer types exist within the luxury product buyer market – authentic pride, reflecting a sense of accomplishment, and “hubristic pride,” intended to inspire admiration or recognition of wealth. Brands generally appeal to one of these impulses – but why not both? Highly tailored PR and marketing programs can now be developed specifically to inspire both types of luxury travel buyers.

No “one size fits all” marketing program will get the results that a strategic digital marketing program can realize in today’s luxury travel market. Find out more about the advanced digital PR and marketing initiative programs at Abelow PR. Our processes are based upon actual consumer buying patterns, impulses, and the factors that drive a potential consumer to take the plunge and buy a luxury travel experience.