It’s undeniable how effective social media can be for lifestyle companies and hotel properties. But realize, their newsfeeds, like Instagram’s, are fleeting even though they’re a great way to hook people in. A-list publications provide unparalleled coverage that will expand your audience and boost revenue more than other sources. As a social media marketing agency, we can create the right strategy for you that will properly balance your presence in social and mainstream media.

Print media also has more staying power while people on Instagram scroll through their newsfeeds quickly. According to many case studies, people who enjoy publications like Condé Nast Traveler spend time reading each issue closely—as much as 45 minutes. Subscribers to monthly magazines, such as Vanity Fair, can even take up to an hour. However, a really engaging Instagram post could attract someone to an article if a link is provided.

With millions of devoted readers, top-tier media outlets like Travel + Leisure are still invaluable because of their powerful SEO. Articles by The New York Times always come up first in any Google search, too, or at least appear on page one. While you may get a lot of feedback on social media, this doesn’t necessarily mean your content will appear in a web engine search, which is vital.

People who read print publications also have a tendency of saving their articles for future use. On social media, people generally “like” or comment on something before moving on to the next image, post or tweet.

How A Social Media Marketing Agency Can Generate More Exposure For You

While Instagram is currently a hot commodity and everyone is enamored by it, it’s important to take stock of its role in an integrated campaign. The images people post on Instagram are highly seductive and can attract a lot of attention, but its overall effect is short. Maintaining an Instagram page should therefore be part of your social media marketing mix.

A well-structured social media campaign can foster customer loyalty. This is crucial. You can do this by posting three times a week and by interacting with your followers. Replying to your comments is essential because it gives people a reason to come back to your page more frequently. However, this can take a lot of time and effort so it’s recommended to look for a social media marketing agency who can do this for you.

Yes, Instagram has its place. But the in-depth reporting of mainstream media—online, print or broadcast—along with their subliminal endorsement from the editorial board are paramount. In other words, both mainstream and social media are necessary.

To have a truly successful PR campaign, you should find a way to incorporate A-list publications as well as social media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook into your overall strategy.

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