Adventure travel is undeniably one of the most popular trends all over the world. This market encompasses a wide span, from Boomers to Millennial and beyond. Expert travel boutique PR agencies can position your property on any adventure travel junkie’s bucket list by getting exposure in top tier media like Outside and National Geographic Traveler.

To successfully target this rapidly growing market focus your efforts on getting messages out to the target audience.  While there are many travelers who enjoy a tranquil, white beach with turquoise waters for a calming vacation, the number of people seeking fun and challenging activities has grown rapidly. Adventure travelers put a priority on energetic experiences revolving around natural environments, whether it is the rainforests in Costa Rica or the mountains of Patagonia.

The Soft Adventurer

Research shows that soft adventure is the fasted growing segment in this category, which is why PR firms recommend also focusing your energy here. Soft adventure activities require little to no experience, making it much more accessible to the majority of people. These adventurers are looking for a variety of ways to broaden their horizons when they travel.

They seek to explore cultures and natural wonders all over the globe. Activities in this category include anything from walking in the Alps to snorkeling in Australia to biking tours through Amsterdam. Since anyone can participate in soft adventure pursuits, use visuals on social media to showcase what you offer as a top choice for families, couples, and solo travelers looking to for that experience that will take them out of their zone.

The Adventure Foodie

Food is more than just a necessity for many travelers today because it is often what drives their curiosity. These enthusiasts want to experience local cultures through cuisine. For them, the taste sensation is what makes for peak. Offering tours of sweeping vineyards or blissful mango groves are great ways to attract this clientele.

Scrumptious pictures of your tasty dishes on Instagram and Facebook will undoubtedly attract the foodies. Abelow PR considers Instagram to be the most important social media tool to entice this group. Make sure to use display the menu items and ingredients that set your destination apart.

A huge trend on Facebook, and a prime way to reach food lovers, is to use quick and vibrant videos to show how meals are prepared step-by-step. Gaining mainstream media coverage online in magazines like Saveur and Food & Wine, which are read religiously by this sector, will surely capture your market’s attention.

There are also shows on the Food Network that can boost exposure for your chef. Abelow PR has arranged luncheons for the press that cover cuisine at prestigious venues like the James Beard House in Manhattan and Eleven Madison Park, New York City’s – and the world’s — only three star Michelin restaurants. Try to find ways like this to highlight your exemplary food and make your destination stand out.

Adventure travel is not a passing phenomenon. It is growing exponentially and it is vital to reach this highly lucrative market. These travelers are on a quest for travel experiences that ignite all the senses, which is why you should promote your destination from every angle. Highlighting your hidden natural treasures and charming local life with strong media coverage will put you on the map.

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