We carefully craft integrated consumer, luxury lifestyle, and travel public relations campaigns to generate brand awareness for our clients. Our tailored PR campaigns succeed in breaking through the clutter and standing out from the crowded marketplace.

So, how do you create an integrated marketing campaign to inspire first time and repeat visitors to experience your travel offering?

  1. Media Audit — Our travel PR company undertakes an in-depth media audit to assess the level of awareness for new clients. We also do this for existing ones on an annual basis. The general and specific questions help us to discover the travel suppliers’ name recognition in their particular sector, research and assess journalists’ thoughts about their competitors, as well as gather feedback about what has worked and what has not worked for them in the past. Our close relationship with editors and reporters enables us to provide invaluable insights to develop thoughtful programs to capture their share of the market in the highly competitive travel landscape.
  2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and PR Synergy –Since our PR campaigns work synergistically with SEO by placing links in prominent outlets such as The New York Times, Huffington Post and Travel and Leisure, we conduct a review of the website to assess if any changes need to be made. Our boutique PR firm in New York City understands the importance of having keywords interwoven throughout the site while getting those golden backlinks to increase our hospitality clients’ rankings in Google.
  3. Brand Messages — Our travel PR firm develops curated campaigns to truly spotlight the unique selling points for our travel clients. It begins by developing brand messages, which are interwoven into all written, and verbal communications to create an emotional connection and resonate with potential customers. Our team creates a thoroughly mapped out media relations program with targeted press releases and pitch letters to our editorial contacts. This keeps our clients top of mind in the media.
  4. Social Media Outreach – Frequent posts on new developments, limited time offers, new and signature spa treatments and innovative cocktails keep your community engaged and connected with your brand on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Blogging is also another effective social media marketing tool to increase your SEO ranking with Google.

We maintain an open line of communication to constantly assess the campaigns’ impact and increase our clients’ brand in the competitive landscape.

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