In the categories of luxury lifestyle and travel all the recent statistics demonstrate that Instagram has gained ground while Facebook has lost users. Engagement too on Instagram has been soaring. As a boutique travel PR firm that conducts social media campaigns for clients, we monitor these trends and are sharing our insights with you here today.

One case in point is when Mercedes-Benz posted about the premiere of its new A-Class. While the update garnered more than 10,000 likes on Facebook, it is astonishing to realize the same image generated more than 167,000 likes —15 times the response on Instagram! And, there were many comments and interactions.

As marketers in luxury lifestyle and travel public relations we noted that Instagram increased by over 100 million users last year and now boasts 800 million monthly profiles. With a majority of the audience in the millennial crowd, this group is fiercely brand conscious. This is important to pay heed to when deciding where to focus your marketing outreach in order to reach this coveted market.

Facebook Looses Users

While Instagram is gaining profiles, Facebook lost almost three million users in the United States alone. For the first time ever, the social network experienced a significant decline in users. With the company awash in negative publicity, scrambling to squelch it on a daily basis, we can confidently predict this will continue on a downward trend. All the more reason to focus your resources on Instagram.

Instagram Gains Abound

A recent study by Forrester Research recently revealed how the top global brands market on social networks. They evaluated over 11 million interactions on about 2,500 posts made by 250 profiles.
Their average number of Instagram followers is now over 1 million — almost five times higher than last year. Follower counts have nearly doubled on Twitter and Google+ as well. And meanwhile, Facebook is decreasing – not good news for what used to be the behemoth.
Second, marketers are posting more often than in previous years on Instagram. They post five times per week on Instagram, an increase of more than 50% over last year. And while they are posting about six times per week on Facebook — interaction is going down.
Our boutique travel PR firm looks forward to mining your images and building content around the messages to reach and influence your target market. Contact us today!