The New Study Reports, “Luxury Travel 2019 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2028,” is out, and the people have spoken: luxury travel is back on the rise. With more disposable income, consumers have ascended to the global luxury travel market paving the path to a renaissance of value in experience over everything else.

Why is this great news? Alongside all that forecasting comes what the New Study Reports,”a growing inclination towards travel memories and higher spending on experiences, rather than materialistic objects has also provided momentum to the luxury travel market growth.” This is key for our Boutique PR firm’s clients who seek to attract affluent audiences by way of personalized services, reliable support, and exclusivity. This trifecta is not only what travelers have started preferring, but do their homework to scope out.

It All Comes Down to a Feeling: Customization

Travelers who have the ability to spend big dollars on their destinations, are looking for more than just a specular location, the experience has to feel entirely exclusive and conducive to creating memories. This creates a certain window of expectation because if the luxury global travel market is focused on, “higher spending on experiences, rather than materialistic objects,” the entire paradigm of a PR campaign can shift. This has also provided momentum to the luxury travel market growth as a whole.

As the New Market Study Report forecasts, this trend for desired experiences and personalization is also conducive to growth for luxury destinations as these options, “[lead travelers] to consider and opt for higher-end packages, as compared to conventional and rigid packages.” Abelow PR specializes in uncovering a creative strategy that showcases high-end packages as exclusive and at the top of luxury.

True Luxury Means Freedom

David Prior of PRIOR who offers a new approach to travel influenced by his goal to create experiences, claims the unifying factor between members is an authentic sense of curiosity in adventure. “That doesn’t necessarily mean hiking Patagonia,” he says, explaining that a trip like that is amazing, and we wanted to offer something different.“Our members want to go deeper in the places that they visit and really get under the skin. People want experiences over things now. It’s a cliché, but it happens to be true.” True luxury today, means the freedom to design entirely based on personal preference and high personalization.

Lorraine Abelow, founder of Abelow PR is a leader in among NYC Boutique PR firms specializing in luxury PR. For 30 years, she has traveled the world delving into a lifetime of development of knowledge of what true luxury lifestyle means. Lorraine confesses, “Comfortable sheets mean everything, but for experiences beyond my bed. I want to explore the great world beyond and bring those alive to the US and Canadian market through targeted travel PR, and online public relations.” The great beyond has always called to the most avid travelers, and today people are putting their money where their mouth is, seeking adventure as opposed to exclusively rest and relaxation.