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Why is Abelow PR Your Best Option? We’re a Boutique Public Relations Agency. If you’re out looking for an agency and wondering which way to go, you’re not alone. A boutique PR firm may be your best option. While a big firm may seem right on the surface, your budget and working style might not really be the best fit. Here’s why a boutique experience may be the solution.

Boutique PR companies Keeps Budget Comfortable: When there are layers of management and team members, you’re paying for more salaries, which translates into higher fees. A small shop means smaller overhead, and therefore more dollars dedicated to your account. Seasoned Pros Service Your Account. You want the best talent on your business. When you go with a larger firm, say twenty or more, chances are you’re getting a junior person on your business. At AbelowPR a savvy pro with years of experience is going to handle your projects and deliver results, faster.

Principal Level Involvement. You want to get the most bang for the buck, meaning principal level involvement. Abelow PR guarantees the most seasoned counsel on strategy and agency staff management. Also, you’ll get the benefit of a wide range of experience with media contacts in terms of the implementation of the campaign.

Improved Response Time. If you have some news you want to get out quickly, a boutique agency like Abelow PR with a dedicated account member is going to be able to pull that off. Plus you’re getting the know-how of a senior professional with value in boutique PR companies, who will understand the potential leverage of the news and therefore know how to position it advantageously.

The bottom line is Abelow PR as a boutique public relations agency in the NYC area is leading in its category. Abelow PR prides itself on crafting customized, multi-faceted campaigns that encompass various integrated components including special events, launches, sponsorships, press conferences, cross-promotions, traditional media relations and social media campaigns. The initiation of story-telling begins with Lorraine and the small agency is consistently at your disposal, working together and get a home run.

With decades of experience in the luxury lifestyle and travel sectors, Abelow PR as small, tight-knit team works tenaciously to secure consistently strategic and highly impact media coverage that reaches and resonates with your target market. Intensive and results-driven editorial coverage is the backbone of a highly successful campaign.

Employing a team approach, Abelow PR works collaboratively with you to design campaign roadmaps that meet your goals and achieve your personal success stories. That personal close-knit initiation time is only found at boutique PR companies like Abelow PR. Knowing how the press works is at the core understanding of our boutique public relations agency.

Abelow PR having developed relationships over decades maximizes meaningful publicity and brand awareness on your behalf. Repeatedly, highly placed editors comment that though they get thousands of emails a day, they always read and respond to those coming from Abelow PR. By staying small, the agency does just that at more reasonable fee in comparison to large firms.

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