Luxury Brand PR

How do you build an iconic brand that resonates with your target audience? The answer lies in telling an unparalleled story that captures, secures and evokes loyalty within your audience. Successful branding is born out of a concerted brand public relations effort that weaves trends and conversations into a strong identity.

Abelow PR is a polished luxury brand PR agency, that would be proud to be the author of your story. We deliver poignant narratives to your market by working alongside your team to guarantee the story aligns with your company’s ethos. When it comes to brand PR, we have decades of experience.

Brand public relations takes persistence and perseverance and that was no better exemplified when Lorraine discovered Sports Illustrated was hunting for the location for their enormously popular Swimsuit Edition. She convinced the editors that Abelow PR’s client Necker Island, was the place to shoot the cover story. This exposure turned every fantasy into reality of the ideal target audience, positioning Necker Island as the pinnacle of VirginAtlantic’s luxury destinations.

Lorraine and Abelow PR’s skillful tactics also brought multiple groups of top tier press from the US and UK together as guests of the luxury brand PR agency. The team arranged appearances for Richard Branson to promote the destination at high-profile events across New York and Los Angles. This assignment produced exceptional media coverage of Necker Island.

Buzz for Your Brand

We take your story to a wide range of media and make sure that the right buzz is crafted — at the right time — with an affordable budget. This calls for imagination and ingenuity. When your goal includes promotion for your property, destination, or service to achieve sales targets with a powerful marketing campaigns, Abelow PR knows and finds the path to success.

Abelow PR’s savvy team of specialists will tap into their years of public relations experience and creativity. The luxury brand PR agency has the expertise to execute brand public relations campaigns that truly deliver.

The Abelow PR team will shape your brand with the care it deserves and bring in the buzz to the right places and audiences it is worthy of receiving. We are in constant pursuit of magic moments and prestige partnerships.

A Melting Pot of Brand PR Tactics

Today, while traditional media outlets are vital to tell the story, it is essential to develop the most effective and efficient tactical brand PR strategy. This means digital public relations, social media marketing, cobranded promotions, media exposure, and more. Because Abelow PR dwells in discovery mode, we continuously learn and innovate new brand approaches until we design the best mix of marketing strategies that celebrate the brilliance of your brand.

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Your brand’s DNA may be exceptional, however for your target audience to fully comprehend it you’ll need an outstanding boutique PR agency to package and communicate your story. When it comes to designing and executing publicity campaigns that truly resonate with the vast North American market, we have the tools, talent and tenacity to get the job done in style.

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