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The hospitality business runs in Lorraine’s blood, fueling her passion for the luxury hotel PR industry and honing in on her luxury travel experiences and hotel public relations practices across the globe.

As a boutique public relations agency, Abelow PR specializes in robust, yet affordable PR in the hotel industry that at the end of the day, “put heads on beds”.

After over 30 years representing iconic brands such as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and individual small luxury hotels in the Caribbean, India, Africa and beyond, Lorraine and her hotel PR agency team have hosted press in more than fifty countries. PR for hotels and resorts requires a nimble touch for turning a fantasy into reality in a quick turn-around.

Lorraine arranged breakfast on a dime for Conde Nast Travelers editors at the Leela Palace, in posh Goa, India who were scouting places to place a big story. But, it didn’t stop there — when the editor wanted a model riding an elephant on the beach for her cover story, Lorraine knew striking the iron while it was hot was crucial for her client and the campaign. A cover story is,“worth its weight in gold for any luxury hotel PR campaign!” Lorraine later noted.

PR in the hotel industry is built upon a traveler’s spirit and endless determination for creating the iconic buzz that will capture client’s and keep them returning for more. A

below PR is accustomed to bringing the farthest corners of the planet onto covers. This is a simple task for the hotel PR agency and key press have come to rely on Abelow PR for it.

Strong contacts with editors and influencers in the ever-evolving field of PR for hotels and resorts, enables our team to land cover stories in a wide range of outlets from Travel + Leisure to the travel and business sections of The Wall Street Journal. These relationships have been built on decades of mutual respect and understanding of what effective media coverage calls for. It’s about taking action and turning heads. Lorraine cherishes her media contacts, team, and clients, making sure there is always an open line available to all.

Clients know that delivering results is congruent with the Abelow PR way and our luxury hotel PR campaigns promise success on all ends. Perhaps that’s why clients come and stay with our boutique hotel PR agency. Clients remain pleased to see hospitality PR playing a crucial role in fueling their success over competitors.

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