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The hospitality industry is highly competitive and keeping up with the ever-evolving trends in traveler and affluent consumer’s appetite is demanding. Lorraine and the Abelow PR team have risen to this challenge time after time as one of the leading hospitality public relations firms in New York.

Through dedicated and passionately specialized campaigns for public relations in the hospitality industry, Lorraine and her team have propelled notable companies such as Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels and Ritz-Carlton as well as individual boutique properties grow exponentially.

With over three decades of experience in representing reputed brands becoming one of the most groundbreaking hospitality PR firms, Abelow PR consistently exceeds client expectations.

Lorraine’s passion for the industry has led her around the world, giving her the keen perspective of the general manager of any given luxury hotel. This edge has widened her scope of expertise into what it really takes to meet and exceed revenue targets and get ‘heads on beds’.

Depth of knowledge in top hospitality public relations firms takes decades of experience, and Lorraine’s comes from over 50 countries. The involvement hospitality field has allowed her team to tell effective stories in a wide range of digital and traditional media outlets. It is no surprise that Abelow PR’s clients are always able to witness public relations in the hospitality industry playing an important role in driving real sales results.

Tailor-Made Approach to Hospitality PR Campaigns

At Abelow PR, as one of the leading hospitality PR firms, we work in collaboration with our clients to create and deliver a truly personalized approach, which is tailored specifically to your hotel, spa, or destination. Lorraine lives and breaths the ins and outs of luxury hotels. She understands the business is not just about the number of guests, but the local community and visitors availing themselves to food and beverage offerings at the property.

As a world traveler and strategic trend-spotter, Lorraine sees changes on the horizon before they’ve risen. A prime example is the, ‘craft cocktail.’ Before the current widespread catchphrase, Lorraine found herself seated in the elegant cocktail lounge garden of the Leela Palace in Bangalore, India with a group of A-list press media. When the bartender came over and took her martini order, he replied, “Madam, we have over 200 martinis. What strikes your fancy?” Lorraine then said, “Why don’t you just give me your best.” The moment after her first sip, she declared, “You must name this, The Palace Martini and you will be called the ‘Martini Master.’”

In that moment, the buzz was born. Within days of publicizing the story went viral with pages and pages of media coverage for the hotel and its ‘Martini Master’. This put Abelow PR at one of the premier top hospitality public relations firms. Lorraine’s creativity on the spot was the beginning of a trademark. From there on out, every guest upon arrival to the hotel was offered the Palace Martini.

This gave the Leela Palace not only a signature drink, but an edge over all the other hundreds of hotels and bars in Bangalore. It became known worldwide. The locals and tourists wanted to come and try it for themselves. It became, ‘the place to be’ overnight.

Years of experience in public relations in the hospitality industry through hosting press near and far are the reasons behind Abelow PR strong bonds. The agency has worked with journalists from major travel magazines, blogs, television, radio and major market newspapers in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Dedicated Experience in the Hotel Sector

Our award winning NYC PR firm has worked with individual properties and groups of hotels. We repeatedly deliver brand awareness and exposure across both traditional and digital platforms, creating long-lasting impact.

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Our proven success is driven by key PR tactics, incorporating media relations, event planning, launches, press releases, cross-promotions, launches, and influencers. Our straightforward, yet innovative approach includes identifying the right kind of PR pitch that is targeted toward modern day hotel guests. Whether you want to launch a public relations campaign through traditional media platforms or tap the power of digital PR to build the best brand awareness for your hospitality PR, we have what it takes to deliver the best value for your PR investment.

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