The Gin Soiree at Highlands

The Gin Soiree at Highlands

As the east coast recovers from a harrowing winter, NYC’s population is shedding layers and gearing up for spring by imbibing with some great cocktails and sunny venues. Our agency is kicking off springtime with a series of fun Martin Miller’s Gin events at some great NYC venues. The warm weather and Spring-inspired beverages are attracting great crowds where consumers mingle with journalists and some of the city’s hottest mixologists.

Cucumber Infusions, Mavericks, and Bubbly Cocktails at Highlands Gastropub

Last Wednesday I had the pleasure of spending the evening at Highlands in the West Village for the Martin Miller’s Aged Gin Soiree. The ever-creative mixologist, Andrey Kalinin, took on the challenge of aging Martin Miller’s Gin in oak barrels for six weeks. In order to not stress the gin’s unique qualities with new oak, he used oak barrels that previously held scotch to age the gin. The result was inspired.

By combining the aged Martin Miller’s Gin with Royal Combier, Carpano Antica and a delicate Port Charlotte rinse, ‘The Maverick’ was born. Named after the late iconoclast and British eccentric who lent his name to the gin, this cocktail is surely one that Martin Miller himself would have enjoyed immensely.

The Maverick was already a popular cocktail prior to its showcasing at the event and Andrey mentioned that he had to make a massive batch of aged gin in order to keep up with the demand! The cocktail was a hit and the party went on until late until the night.

For a seasonal twist on the classic gin and tonic, Andrey delicately infused cucumber into ice cubes for The Perfect Gin & Tonic. Cucumber is used as a drying agent in Martin Miller’s Gin so the infused ice cubes are a creative and complimentary twist on the classic drink!

The third custom elixir on the menu, The Miller’s 75, is a playful twist on the classic French 75. Made with St. Germaine, lemon and lemon bitters, this Spring-like ethereal beverage took me out of NYC and transported me to lazy summers sitting on the beach in East Hampton.

Gin & All That Jazz

To kick off our gin spring fever, we held Gin & Jazz at Ovest Pizzoteca in Chelsea. The bubbly bartender Enzo crafted numerous fabulous elixirs for the menu that were enjoyed by some of NYC’s hottest mixologists. Roberto, winner of the Bacardi Mixology Challenge, teamed up with head mixologist Enzo to demonstrate their skills to budding and seasoned mixologists in the fun setting of Ovest.

The bespoke ‘Red Riding Hood’ cocktail was featured alongside eight other custom Martin Miller’s Gin cocktails that had all the vivacity of the Prohibition Era. Guests were serenaded by live jazz and treated to a feast of delicious food from Ovest’s talented chefs.

Gin & Jazz Continues!

Join us at Madam Geneva tomorrow night!

Join us at Madam Geneva tomorrow night!

I can’t wait until tomorrow’s event at Madam Geneva on Bleecker Street starting at eight PM and running until one AM. The fun continues as we host another Spring industry event with live music from the Julian Shore Trio in one of the chicest settings around town.

Come enjoy three signature cocktails that Madam Geneva made specially for you to enjoy: The MG Pimm’s Cup, M & M’s Blackberry Collins and The Caprice Martini. In my opinion, nothing says spring like a Pimm’s Cup and I can’t wait to try this elixir.