A recent article in the New York Times, “Abandoning Cookie-Cutter Décor, Hotels Tap Local Artists,” highlighted the trend in the hospitality industry of appealing to guests’ desire for new experiences.  In this case, it was about how hotel brand managers are mining local art communities for “everything from inspiration to installations.”

As one of the New York City based boutique travel PR firms that represents small, luxury hotels, this is a pattern we have noticed in our hospitality clients.  People expect more than just a place to lay their heads for the night; they expect stimulating and engaging hotel ambiance. Your PR agency can generate coverage in such widely read outlets as Architectural Digest, the Robb Report, and Departures.

Why Think Local?

As hotel brands continue on the quest to provide their guests with the ultimate experience, public relations firms are finding that highlighting the ways that hotels capture the local culture is often a path to success. Just as restaurants have started to proudly showcase their area’s regional ingredients, hotels have begun to do the same with art.

Local art in hotel rooms, hallways, and lobbies captivates guests because it shows them the flavor of your destination. Art in Portland looks different than art in Miami and guests enjoy seeing that when they come to your hotel. No single experience should be the same, even if you are part of a chain hotel. Groups like Four Seasons Hotels, which we represented, look entirely different in Tokyo than they do in New York City and the décor reflects that.

Living in Art

If you really want to commit to tapping the up-and-coming artists of your area, go farther than just hanging paintings or placing statues on a lobby table. Asking your interior decorators to source the work of local artists will allow your hotel to offer a vibrant representation of your immediate location. Whether it’s bold, rustic, modern, or colorful, artists can create furniture or light fixtures that transform a room. Using strong aesthetics will instantly immerse the guest in the locale and make it an experience unlike any other.

Decorate with Sound

While exploring the possibilities, don’t feel that you have to stop at art. Using music is another way to create a fresh and invigorating experience for guests. Reach out to local musicians to ask if they would be interested in playing at the hotel on weekends or during busy dinner hours.

Places like Nashville and Austin, cities comprised of musicians of all ages with huge dreams, are prime examples of how music is a pivotal. Exposing guests to the distinctive sounds of your region will leave an impression that is guaranteed to secure you more reservations. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and utilizing local art and music will spur people to rave about your hotel.

For boutique style hotels and chain hotels alike, personalization is key. Using art from the area to elevate your hotel’s décor will take the guest’s experience to the next level.

Contact Abelow PR for ideas on how to make your hotel more visible in the public eye. With local décor as a centerpiece, your hotel can be seen as a place for people to indulge their curiosities and collect diverse experiences.